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Another Wedding Weekend

Alexis and I went back up to Seattle this weekend for the wedding of my best man Rob and his new wife Amy:

It was a wonderful weekend, and those two have fantastic families and great friends.

Being the best man gave me a good perspective on just how much all of my friends did for me at our wedding earlier this year. It is quite a responsibility, but the whole crew was a lot of fun and I was honored to be a part of it. And I definitely could not have done everything were it not for my best-best-man-woman.

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Friend Blogs

Its been several months since I and a good number of friends have started blogging somewhat regularly, and it seems to have stuck with an overwhelming number of people.

I do have this one friend, Erick, who thinks its ridiculous to read a close friend’s blogs. “If I want to see how he’s doing, I’ll call him on the phone.”

I have to disagree with him, for many reasons. The stuff that I get out of (most) friend’s blogs are more like updates and commentary on things which my friends find important or interesting. I’ve got a lot of friends and I don’t get to see them often enough over beers to hear what they thought about random news event X or strange online meme Y. Besides, I’m strong-willed enough that too often I’ll drown out their opinions too early in a conversation. Yeah, it’s gonna be one of my New Years Resolutions.

So it’s nice to learn little things about your friends by subscribing to their feeds. For example:

I should post some personal stories over the next week. We’ll see if I have time to do it.

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Aspo wimps out

Anthony gave up on trying to get Movable Type to work and just setup something on Livejournal: random spew.

I guess I can’t blame him for wanting to come up with a completely original design, and that’s quite a bit of work for all of MT’s templates. But there’s no reason he couldn’t have started with a basic template on MT and evolved it as he wanted (heck, MT let’s you create multiple outputs anyways. It’s not like Livejournal let’s him doing something completely unique! Besides, now when he switches (if he ever does, and I doubt that), he’s going to lose all of previous content!

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shac has jumped on the blog-wagon now.

So is this just a fad? No, definitly not. Blogging has some qualities which will make it an enduring technology like we’ve seen happen with IM.

  • Blogging is easy – The whole phenomenon has really taken off with the advent of user-friendly yet flexible systems bring one-click publishing to even the technical neophite. Accessible technology is explosive technology.
  • Ease of use brings fresh content – It’s amazing how much more willing I am to drop a fresh entry on my blog than to go and edit any HTML source. I’m planning right now to replace my main page with a redirect to this blog, and move the “content” over to the right; and to do the same with many other informational pages both here and at work. No-one likes stale sites.
  • There’s a community aspect – With commenting and trackbacks, it’s possible to build a fertile community of friends exchanging thoughts and ideas. A good RSS aggregator would let me keep tabs on my friends updates in one fell swoop.Keeping community — according to each member’s schedule — is appealing.
  • Blogs are interesting – Well, not all of them. But I do find myself going back to certain blogs over and over because I really am interested in what those people have to say. There are a lot of interesting writers out there who aren’t published, and better yet, they tend to only blog when they’ve got something new to say. I can’t stand reading a majority of the published pieces out there which seem to be nothing more than filler for lack of real news. Blog entries are event-driven instead of deadline-driven

And if you still don’t believe me, go out and count how many teen blogs there are out there…

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Aaron has created an MT blog as well. What particularly caught my attention was the link to Vagabonding.

Aaron and I travelled together for a couple of weeks in New Zealand and had a great time

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lila’s journal

Looks like lila has a blog. And we agree on quite a bit:

emer’gen-c makes water as tasty as juice but only 14 calories

Mmmmm, non-caffinated crack.

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Like Payam, I want to figure out how this Trackback thing works.

And what’s up with the rash of “It’s like 1999” quotes I’ve been seeing lately? First his reference and then another friend who just started at large-unnamed-search-company said:

It feels like 1999 in here. Yesterday I was on the job
for a whole 6 hours before I was doing tequila shots with my boss, my
boss’ manager, and the Director of Operations.

(Obvious reasons why I can’t say what company it is…)

Update: And again!

sony> have you talked with many people in the Valley?
sony> Some people still think it’s 1999.


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