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At the beginning of June we started out on an ambitious project to completely transform our upper backyard from the overgrown and unusable space that it is. Through the help of some very generous friends and some hard-working hired helpers, we’ve completed the first stage in only four or five working days (spread over the course of a month of weekends).

Our deepest thanks to our friends Noel, Zahir, Alexandra, Sandy, Wes, Abby, Sean, Erick.

More pictures…

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Yeah I can build wall!

We took down the rotten awning over the back patio, and had to tear down the fence between us and our neighbor’s kitchen window because it was completely rotted (I punched through a 4×4).

It took a few weeks of late night work but I got to build a new fence on the retaining wall. Learned a good bit about fence construction and had a lot of fun. You get comparatively fast progress with fences.

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New Years Weekend Project

We insulated the attic over New Years weekend and I wanted to put some pictures up. We ended up using fiberglass batts even though it took probably about three times as long as blowing would have, but we were able to put some really thick insulation in and control exactly where it went around heat sources like the fireplace. I did install ventilation baffles at the edges through in case we decide to go back and shoot some cellulose around the edges (of course, finding an insulation blower to rent turned out to be a problem as well).

One thing I couldn’t figure out was why aren’t there any soffit vents installed to allow free flow of air to ventilate the attic. I see them on only have the houses around here, and our house inspection noted nothing about it, I wonder if it’s not needed according to code?

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Kitchen Lighting

Finished this project a while ago, but forgot to put something up (I’m trying to keep a record of work we do here…hmmm, have to take offline when we go to sell). Basically ended up building a box frame to mount in some dead space above the sink and put in a couple of downward facing spotlight cans right over the sink. Turned out really nice, but I need to work on my drywall corner finishing skills.

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Garage Project

Last week I finished my garage gentrification project. I don’t have any pictures online of the really early phases, where we took down old crappy cabinets which the previous owners had left in place behind the garage door track, so they couldn’t be opened.

Anyways, we took those out, patched the walls painted everything, and now I’m ready to put new lighting and power outlets in place.

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