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I’ll never get tired of reading what Mr. Kapor has to say about the carnival coming to town:

Mitch Kapor’s Weblog: The Real Terms of the Google Deal

This insulation from shareholder pressure has been criticized as arrogant and anti-democratic, but it is also prudent, I’m sad to say, since Google intends to run its business with an eye to risky, creative experiments that are poorly understood or tolerated by the public markets.

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Coding Efficiency

Quote of the Day: I was having lunch with an old friend of mine today who has written a small piece of specialty software that he sells online as a nice little side business. I’m really impressed since he’s doing the whole shebang for this project. Anyways, we were talking about draconian coding styles and I liked what he had to say about making tradeoffs in your own projects like this:

“When you’re writing your own project you just keeping thinking about what’s the quickest path between me and more money, and every keystroke should follow that path.”

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No, I’m not laughing at SARS, just the way people are resonding to it. The following is an excerpt from a mail from my friend Su who is teaching kindergarteners in Taiwan:

1) I am happy to report that the three-year old set in Taiwan now knows that
“S-A-R-S” spells “SARS”. They can’t seem to keep “C-A-T” in their heads, but
I suppose that’s not quite as important.

2) The new favorite game of kids at our school is “quarantine.” It’s a fun
game where they carefully lay out half of the dolls in the play area in one
corner and tell everyone not to touch them while they play with the other
“healthy” dolls.

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