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Blog Absences

My friend shac put up a hilarious list of why he hasn’t been blogging lately. I think every other one applies to me, and I’d replace them with “finishing MBA at Berkeley” and “playing with my 15 month old daughter”. Man, I can’t believe its been that long…

Anyways, still swimming…and Twittering…a lot…out of the time zone much to shac’s chagrin.

Cheers – Rand

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Utterly Brilliant


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Added Twitter Feed

If you’re looking at my actual blog, take a look on the right. There you will see a “Recent Tweets” section that will give you real-time updates about what I’m doing/how I’m feeling/where I am. It could actually be delaying the page load since Twitter is a frickin’ dog, but I figure I needed something to keep this page fresh. 😉

For all you RSS followers, I haven’t put the Tweets into any RSS feeds yet, as the temporal relevance falls off quickly. If you have other thoughts feel free to leave me a comment. 😉

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Flying at Mach 12 right now. Most of my updates happen on Twitter.

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Facebook Explosion?

I got a Facebook account a year or so ago when I started the Haas program at Berkeley and when a good friend of ours took a job on campus where she was interacting with students all the time (so using Facebook for most of the day). Since then I’ve had about one friend and really didn’t spend a lot (any) time on it. Then in the past couple of weeks I’ve gotten friend requests from a half dozen or so friends. Oddly, this isn’t just an isolated cluster of people at work, its been people from college, even people from my old High School.

Kind of odd, I wonder what has caused this newly formed Facebook interest?

I still need a way to federate Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp, etc.

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Up at 3am

The past couple of nights have been interesting. I get into insomniac cycles sometimes, most often when I’m extremely busy and also when I haven’t exercised regularly. Since the baby was born though, sleep has been more of a free-running notion and we take what we can get and are happy when its more than a few hours (even though I haven’t gone to the gym once since she was born).

The past couple of nights though my body has been up to its old tricks, with my eyes popping open at 2am or so and HI I’M AWAKE. Oh well, might as well creep off to the other room and get some stuff done. These bouts really aren’t all that bad, because I can usually pick off some tangible task that needs to get done. Last night it was balancing the checkbook, tonight it was watching the latest episodes of Rome.

As an added bonus I get to catch up with my friends and co-workers in different time zones. One guy just got to Europe where its daylight and he’s adjusting to the daylight. This was a good exchange on IM:

Bob: “So why are you up so early?”
Me: “Jetlag”
Bob: “But you didn’t go anywhere”
Me: “Yeah, but I like to keep my body primed for it”

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Wow! I’m soooooo happy that I upgraded to WordPress…or more specifically, that I was able to re-enable comments on my blog (no matter how many times I tried, I just couldn’t get the MT plugins to work). I’ve had more nice comments from a wide range of friends that I haven’t heard from in a while as well as excellent feedback from a number of people who I didn’t even know was reading.

This just really reinforces in my mind that the power of blogs is not just in the simplicity of posting, but in the simplicity of community, and makes me wonder if there aren’t possibly some really innovative things that can be done to bring together many different types of communications mediums such as blogs, email, SMS, etc, on both a community but possibly also individual topic level. The long tail theory I’m sure would have a lot to say about thinking of the market not just in the context of individual small websites, but of individual snippits of content on those sites.

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