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A Simple Margarita

Late on Sunday night a co-worker of mine had mentioned that he’d spent the whole day drinking margaritas, which of course made me crave one. Luckily I had limes in the fridge, and was able to enjoy the simplest, tastiest margarita recipe I know.

As in everything food related, quality ingredients are the most important thing to start with. Fresh lime juice, quality tequila, and suprisingly, simple triple sec is all you need. For tequila I like Patron Silver; great tequila and reasonably affordable if you find it at Costco or Trader Joes. I use regular old Hiram Walker triple sec, avoiding anything fancy like Gran Marnier, as all I’m looking for is a simple sweet orangey flavor. When squeezing the limes you might want to roll them on the counter before you cut them open to free up some of the juice. Squeeze them in to a glass, add ice, and mix (for one serving):

1 part lime juice (2 regular sized limes)
1 part triple sec (1 oz shot)
2 parts tequila (2 x 1 oz shot)

Garnish with lime…and please, don’t put any damn salt on the rim.

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